M.C.I. Foods, Inc. Policy Statement on Gluten-Free items:

M.C.I. Foods, Inc. has several products we manufacture and sell that do not contain gluten in the ingredients. We take steps to ensure the ingredients used do not contain any gluten and the manufacturing processes avoid cross-contamination with gluten containing ingredients. However, we do not have a certified gluten-free program and the gluten-free products are processed on the same equipment in the same plant as products containing gluten. The products may also be processed in the same room at the same time as products containing gluten. In addition, some of the ingredients we use are not certified as gluten-free. There is always a possibility that the gluten-free products may contain trace amounts of gluten. We ask that you use your own discretion when consuming our products. Those with severe allergies to gluten should be aware of this policy statement.